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Kids Painted Book Club Box Subscription

Kids Painted Book Club Box Subscription

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For staying creative and learning, this club gets a book of the month and a matching canvas to paint!

You won't ever get the same project! Free shipping, always!


  • You don't need the extras like brushes, easels, washcloths, aprons, butcher paper, plates or treats. You have your own. 
  • You just want the paint project with guided video tutorial & book!


  • In your FIRST BOX, you'll get one brush set, re-useable washcloth and re-useable easel. Don't worry, you can always ask for more.
  • Chosen kids book for the month!
  • 12" wood door hanger with laser engraved lines to match the book
  • QR code to lead you to a fun, surprise guided tutorial (let's learn!)
  • (2) Butcher Paper (to protect your surface)
  • (2) Styrofoam Plates for paint mixing (basic but necessary)
  • (2) Disposable aprons (because we are messy)
  • All the paint (all required acrylic colors)
  • Cocktail recipe (or mocktail version)
  • Treats & things (this varies but always fun!)

All you need?
WATER CUPS.... but most importantly just a fun time for the kids. 

When does this ship? When will I be charged every month?
This is a monthly subscription, depending on when you purchase, your first box will arrive will arrive within a week of your order. Then, you will be charged the same date every month and boxes will arrive within a week. All boxes ship via UPS ground.