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Limited Edition: Christmas Moose

Limited Edition: Christmas Moose

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Isn't he neat?
A Christmoose for the holidays! (see what I did there?) Completely customizable to your family or lifestyle. Add ornaments, change the ornaments, remove them, add paw prints, hearts, or anything fun! Best yet? Full step-by-step tutorial and TRACER! Holiday fun no matter what!

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  • You don't need the extras like brushes, easels, washcloths, butcher paper, plates, or treats. You have your own.
  • You just want the painting project (pre-traced canvas) with a guided video tutorial & paint!


  • Get one brush set
  • One re-useable washcloth
  • One re-useable easel
  • One 12x12 pre-traced canvas 
  • QR code to lead you to a fun, easy step-by-step tutorial (let's learn!)
  • Butcher Paper (to protect your surface)
  • Styrofoam Plates for paint mixing (basic but necessary)
  • Disposable aprons (because we are messy)
  • All the paint (black and white for this beauty!)
  • Reference Image card
  • Treats & things (this varies but always fun!)

All you need?
WATER CUP.... but most importantly just a good ol' time to relax and paint. Create your own world!

    All you need?
    A WATER CUP.... but most importantly your favorite beverage, a few friends with their own paint kit and a jolly good time! Maybe an ugly Christmas sweater, holiday music or some Hallmark movies too!