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Haunted Disney Double

Haunted Disney Double

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If you're not a Disney fan.... WHO ARE YOU? Talk about a mixup and mash of bright colors! Get TWO of some of my favorite movies mixed in. Thats right... two paintings... two tutorials.... put on some movies, get some wine and drink up, witches!

Includes free shipping anywhere in the USA. Pick what box supplies you prefer.


  • You don't need the extras like brushes, easels, washcloths, butcher paper, plates, or treats. You have your own.
  • You just want the painting projects (pre-traced canvas') with a guided video tutorials & paint!


  • Get one brush set
  • One re-useable washcloth
  • One re-useable easel
  • TWO 11x14 pre-traced canvas' 
  • QR code to lead you to fun, easy step-by-step tutorials (let's learn!)
  • Butcher Paper (to protect your surface)
  • Styrofoam Plate for paint mixing (basic but necessary)
  • Disposable apron (because we are messy)
  • All the paint (all required acrylic colors for both)
  • Treats & things (this varies but always fun!)

All you need?
WATER CUP.... but most importantly just a good ol' time to relax and paint. Create your own world!