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Hi! I'm Lori Angdahl, your artist teacher! Until October 2019, I owned Canvasly Chromatized Paint Parties, located in the PNW. I changed the name to Happy Little Paint Parties at that time. I was born and raised in Arlington, WA and now live here with my husband, Scott, and our boxer dog, Audrey and.... our newest addition, Baker, born July 2020! We are expecting our second baby in August 2022!
I was always an artsy person, but really nailed my calling in November of 2017. I was inspired to start teaching after my grandfathers passing. He was an artist, a painter, and LOVED BOB ROSS. I do too, go figure! Who doesn't? I was a full time dental hygienist, but took a turn to try something new. I can't pick a favorite, I love them both!

As things started to pick up and the business was growing, I was in heaven. There was nothing like painting every night and teaching people how to grow creatively, and trying to relax! Well.... tables had turned in March 2020 as we all know. COVID hit, and hit hard. I had to pivot. I had to do something to keep afloat as this was now our primary income for my family.

I started the Happy Little Painters Club online. It was a paid monthly membership that only opened twice a year. We had a private Facebook group where I released two tutorials a month and hosted a live DATE NIGHT PAINT NIGHT with my husband. I loved it! He is quite the entertainment. I ended this membership after the baby was born.

I still needed something to give back to my customers and provide them with a creative outlet. Sometimes people loved the designs I was teaching in person but couldn't make the location, date or time. They started to get eager to purchase online and paint at home at their own convenience. I started the Happy Little Painter Box where I would ship all materials anywhere in the US!

You can host a virtual DIY paint night and everyone buys their own box, or if you can gather... host one at your home!

As I phase out of paint parties with our second addition, I'm focusing on these boxes and I often paint murals and seasonal window paintings. You can find me on Instagram under @happylittlepainter for my personal artist page.

I'm so excited you're here, thank you for SHOPPING SMALL!